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Looking across the Thames towards the vilage of Shifford - or what remains of it. (As published). Little lost bridge. John and David made a point of walking on it to make it feel wanted. What you can't see is the Guardian of the Bridge behind the pillar lying in wait for unwary dogs. Canoeists and power lines just downstream of Shifford Lock. This shot was taken just a few minutes before we slipped into a parallel universe. (As published). Tenfoot Bridge. Isolated, peaceful. No further comment.

Another angle on Tenfoot Bridge. Young child's hat barely visible in the second horrid batch of vegetation that day, approaching Tadpole Bridge. Tadpole Bridge. Not the infamous pleasure boat moored up at Radcot Bridge.

(As published).Upstream of Radcot. Typical Upper Thames scene on a gorgeous afternoon with blue skies, still waters, pill box and fisherman. A not untypical fisherman and his not untypical kit trundling carwards after a hard day's sit by the Thames at Buscot. (As published). Near Buscot. A V-notched stile just big enough for a small lad's bum. (As published) Old Father Thames. ill-clad for the weather, let alone some serious digging, at St. John's Lock, Lechlade.