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Stop Press - Bill Walford Publishing announces the launch of its first novel.

"Stock Takers", an e-book by new author Paul Eyot, can now be previewed on and bought from Amazon.
Based around the many scams in the retail trade, it's a steal at £2.99!

"Is that it?, he wanted to know, sounding most miffed. "All this way to see a stone?"

Why would anyone want to trek 85 miles along the Thames Long Distance Path, braving rain and wind and heat and fog, tackling belligerent cattle and vicious vegetation, coping with diversions and non-existent footpaths. Would anyone really want to walk from the Chiltern hills to the source of Old Father Thames deep in the Cotswolds just to see a stone? This intimate view of the delights, dangers, perils and pitfalls of walking the Upper Thames Valley provides the answers. But beware - having read the book you might be tempted to make the journey yourself.

First published in paperback in 1994, this book is now brought to a wider audience. You are welcome to print off a copy of the text or pictures for private use. However, copyright of the original book, and of all the text and photographs published here, remains with the publisher.